BTA News: “The perfect highway alternative” podcast & article – Right Transit Conversation webinar date change

1) BTA member Eric Doherty co-wrote an inspiring article, and was interviewed for “The perfect highway alternative”podcast about Rapid Bus and the CRD’s new policy of prioritizing transit.

2) The date for the Having the Right Conversation About Transit has changed from Sept 29 to Tues Sept 28 at noon

1) Rapid bus Article and podcast

Over the summer BTA member Eric Doherty co-wrote an inspiring article, and was interviewed for a podcast, about Rapid Bus and the CRD’s new policy of prioritizing transit over highway expansion.

The Capital Daily article, “CRD must push province to fund rapid bus instead of expanding highways” opens with this paragraph:

On Wednesday, July 14, the Capital Regional District (CRD) board unanimously approved a groundbreaking new policy on transportation prioritization in the region. It means Greater Victoria’s regional district is prepared to advocate for transportation investments that contribute to meeting regional sustainable transportation, affordability, and greenhouse gas reduction targets. If the CRD follows through, the region could see hundreds of millions of provincial and federal dollars invested in electric rapid bus lines, cycling routes, and sidewalks. We could also get climate pollution from transportation trending down rather than up, and make the region healthier and more affordable.

Read the full article by Eric Doherty and Jane Welton, co-leads of Greater Victoria Acting Together’s Climate Justice Action Research Team.

Eric was also interviewed former Saanich Councillor Dean Murdock for the podcast Amazing Places

Listen to the half hour podcast “The perfect highway alternative” – Rapid Transit w/ Eric Doherty at—Rapid-Transit-w-Eric-Doherty-e16hsfo

2) New date: Having the Right Conversation about Transit webinar Tues Sept 28 at 12 noon – 1 pm (was Sept 29)

Join Capital Bike and the Better Transit Alliance in welcoming Christof Spieler for a webinar, “Having the Right Conversation About Transit”. Christof Spieler is the author of one of Island Press’ best-selling transit books, “Trains, Buses, People: An Opinionated Atlas of US and Canadian Transit”. This second edition of the book was published on August 24th. Updated features in this revised edition include information on fares, governance, funding, and stations, plus a new section on inclusivity to help all readers understand how to welcome riders regardless of race, gender, income, or disability. Eight metropolitan Canadian areas have been added and all the U.S. regions have been updated.

Spieler asserts that “we need to have the right conversations about transit. We need to talk about what matters—to focus on the quality of service, not the technology that delivers it.” This webinar will focus on having productive conversations about public transit, walking and cycling.

This book is intended for non-experts. Anyone with a vested interest in making a more effective transit system can use the tools provided in this book. The maps and data for the 57 metro areas make it easy to compare each region to its peers, see which area is doing well, and highlight the gaps in transit service. That said, Capital Bike, Better Transit Alliance, and their supporters will find the book particularly useful, given the local context it provides.

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