BTA News: Write to federal election candidates today! – Transit webinar Sept 28

1) #VoteTransit2021 – Write to candidates today! 2) Register now for Having the Right Conversation About Transit – Tues Sept 28 [date changed]

1) #VoteTransit2021 – Write to candidates today!
This federal election, with our friends in the national Keep Transit Moving Coalition, we’re asking candidates to end the financial crisis faced by our transit systems.

We can build a just recovery and a Green New Deal for public transit that includes urgently needed operational funding; public intercity bus service; leadership and accountability on social justice, public health, and addressing the climate crisis; reliable public transit infrastructure funding; and more accessible transit. Notably, the demands include shifting funding away from urban highway and airport expansion to public transit.

The Council of Canadians is hosting the #VoteTransit2021 letter writing tool. Please use it to send a letter to your local candidates to ask if they will support the Vote Transit platform released by the Keep Transit Moving coalition. Click HERE to send your letter!

In case you missed it, the Vote Transit 2021 virtual hour-long debate focused on transit issues, with candidates from the major federal parties is now available on video. Avi Lewis represented the NDP, Elizabeth May represented the Green Party, and Jonathan Wilkinson (Environment Minister) represented the Liberal Party. The 6 min Q&A on reallocating funds from highway expansion to transit is HERE and the whole hour long video is HERE.

You can read the coalition’s full #VoteTransit2021 Election Platform HERE

Click to play 6 min video on reallocating funding to transit.

2) Register now for Having the Right Conversation About Transit – Wed Sept 29 now Tues Sept 28
Wed, Sep 29 Tues Sept 21 Noon – 1:00 PM PDT
Join Capital Bike and the Better Transit Alliance in welcoming Christof Spieler for a webinar, “Having the Right Conversation About Transit”. Register HERE

Christof Spieler is the author of one of Island Press’ best-selling transit books, “Trains, Buses, People: An Opinionated Atlas of US and Canadian Transit”. This second edition of the book was published on August 24th. Updated features in this revised edition include information on fares, governance, funding, and stations, plus a new section on inclusivity to help all readers understand how to welcome riders regardless of race, gender, income, or disability.

Spieler asserts that “we need to have the right conversations about transit. We need to talk about what matters—to focus on the quality of service, not the technology that delivers it.”