Car Free Day: Survey Says…

If you stopped by our booth at our first Car Free Day Victoria on June 18, 2017, then you might have participated in our informal sticker survey. We loved chatting with everyone who stopped by and hearing some of your transit concerns in Greater Victoria- as well as many positive stories of transit experiences in the CRD!

Our (un)scientific survey results are very interesting! Some observations: Continue reading “Car Free Day: Survey Says…”

Better Transit Alliance breaks story about bus lane delay

The Better Transit Alliance tries to send an observer to every Victoria Transit Commission meeting. And the last meeting was more eventful than usual, with some bad news which we reported to the media. The basic story is that, like most construction projects in the region these days, the price for the bus lanes was higher than hoped as all the construction companies are very busy. Unfortunately there was not a big enough contingency fund in place, and bus lane construction has been delayed.

We are going to be pushing all levels of government to step up to the plate and fund the Douglas / Highway 1 bus lanes all the way to the 6 Mile Pub area as soon as possible (even if it costs significantly more than it would have a few years ago). And we are optimistic that it will happen quickly; we think this can be completed within 24 months of municipal and provincial governments deciding to proceed. Here is some of the media coverage of the issue: Continue reading “Better Transit Alliance breaks story about bus lane delay”