Media Release – Greater Victoria Election Candidates overwhelmingly support 25% traffic reduction target: Responses support wheelchairs on bike and roll routes, bus lanes & more

Victoria – Candidates in the October 15 municipal election have overwhelmingly supported a target of reducing car traffic 25% by 2030, and a set of supportive policies to make public transit, walking, rolling and cycling more appealing in Greater Victoria.

Victorians for Transportation Choice (VTC), a collection of seven groups who work for better transportation solutions for all, has received numerous responses to their questionnaire on transportation issues. And the overwhelming majority support radical change in how people get around our region.

“I’m amazed by the overwhelming support for the provincial government’s ambitious target of reducing car traffic 25% by 2030” said Tom Hackney of the BC Sustainable Energy Association. “Many leading candidates are making strong commitments to do a U-turn away from automobile dependence.”

Both mayoralty candidates in Saanich, along with many other candidates across the region have committed to target reducing traffic volumes by a quarter in only eight years.

The VTC’s member groups – Capital Bike; Greater Victoria Placemaking Network; British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association; Walk On, Victoria; Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition (VITCC) Action Committee Of People With Disabilities (ACPD); and the Better Transit Alliance of Greater Victoria – want our communities to shift to transit, walking, biking, and rolling, as a means to meet transportation needs while improving livability, while reducing carbon pollution and other harm.

“It is inspiring to see so many candidates commit to providing healthy and affordable transportation choices, including investing in bike and roll infrastructure and prioritizing public transit over highway expansion”, said Amanda Macdonald, VTC spokesperson and Chair of Walk On, Victoria, “And we will be watching carefully to see if the the politicians who get elected follow through or not.”

Candidates answers are available at All candidates are invited to fill out the survey. VTC will not be endorsing any candidates.

“It is great to see that so many candidates are ready to welcome wheelchair and mobility scooter users on bike and roll routes, and to commit to meeting the provincial government’s ambitious target of reducing traffic 25% by 2030,” said Eric Doherty of the Better Transit Alliance. “Bus lanes are important, but so are accessible bathrooms.”

Media Contacts:

Amanda Macdonald

Chair, Walk On, Victoria

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Eric Doherty

Better Transit Alliance of Greater Victoria

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Tom Hackney

BC Sustainable Energy Association

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