Colwood BTA member’s letter to editor re bus lanes

Check out this great letter to the editor from Better Transit Alliance member Cathy Willander of Colwood. (How about writing your own letter to the editor today?)

Trans-Canada congestion is a climate crime
Times Colonist – November 18, 2017

I have just moved to Colwood from South Delta, and the Colwood Crawl is much worse than getting through the Massey Tunnel, commonly referred to as the worst traffic jam in B.C.

In Richmond, you have shoulder bus lanes on Highway 99 and, using the bus, you can zoom by all the cars. And the bus lanes in Richmond were built quickly, not in short sections as is being done here.

It is time for the provincial government to get shoulder bus lanes built all the way to the Six Mile Pub area.

Leaving transit riders stuck in the Colwood Crawl is a climate crime. We need to leap, not take baby steps.

Cathy Wilander