Newsletter: Provincial & Federal Transit Funding – Want to get involved in the Better Transit Alliance?

Douglas Street Bus Lanes Update

Transit riders don’t cause traffic problems, so why should we have to endure them? The Better Transit Alliance is working to pressure decision-makers to move forward with their promise to install 24/7 bus lanes on Douglas Street & Highway 1 all the way to the 6-Mile Pub. The bus lanes could be completed within 24 months for a very reasonable cost, once our provincial government decides to get it done. See our blog post for an update on the progress of the project and help spread the word (including to your local provincial election candidates).

Province says “no” to better transit for Greater Victoria

We’re disappointed to report that our transit system will not be benefiting from an increase in gas tax. The Better Transit Alliance submitted a letter of support for the tax, along with many other local organizations. The CBC reports:

“Greater Victoria has a different transit arrangement than the rest of the province. While other communities split their costs 50/50 with the province, Victoria picks up two-thirds of the cost of running its system.

It’s split three ways between revenue from the fare box, property taxes and the gas tax. Of the three revenue options available, the gas tax portion has been frozen for eight years.”

While the decision put pressure on the Greater Victoria Transit Commission to increase local property taxes, they declined and decided instead to dip into reserves to cover short term needs over the short term and make support for transit a provincial election issue.

Federal Budget 2017
The March 22 budget announcement had both good and bad news for transit riders: the transit tax credit will be nixed (lessening affordability for those who use a bus pass) but 20.1 billion dollars is slated for public transportation infrastructure across Canada over ten years. It remains to be seen how Greater Victoria will benefit from this allocation–we’ll keep you updated!

Want to get involved in the Better Transit Alliance?
We’re seeking new Steering Committee members.

Our organization needs strategic thinkers who are willing to contribute some time and energy to monthly meetings and, in between meetings, tasks such as correspondence (and other writing), social media management, and event planning.  Before getting in touch, please have a look at our vision and mission (see below) and our website (

To apply, email us at bettertransityyj [at] and tell us a little bit about:
1. What you feel the top transit goals/priorities in Greater Victoria are
2, What skills or knowledge you think you might be able to contribute
3. Why you care about better transit–are you a rider? an environmentalist? etc.
4. Also tell us a little bit about yourself! E.g., your work, other volunteer roles…